Conference Activities

2023 (Denver, CO)

August 11th, 2023 marked the fiftieth anniversary of hip-hop’s founding moment at a block party hosted by DJ Kool Herc in the Bronx, New York. The recent establishment of an interest group for hip-hop and rap is thus a welcome and overdue addition to the SMT. Typical questions about the relationship between scholars and their area of study are particularly important for the growing subdiscipline of hip-hop theory and analysis. The Hip-Hop and Rap Interest Group will establish a discourse of ethical, antiracist, and inclusionary consideration of such questions with six lightning talks on the theme, “What It Means to Be a Hip-Hop Music Theorist.” The presentations and resultant discussions will contribute to the development of our identity as an IG.

2022 (New Orleans, LA)

The newly formed Hip-Hop/Rap Interest Group (HHRIG) held its inaugural meeting at SMT/AMS/SEM New Orleans 2022 with eighteen members in attendance coming from all three societies.

The group’s mission—discussed and established at this first meeting—is to promote the recognition of hip-hop in academic communities in general and to encourage interdisciplinary research, pedagogy, and collaboration between scholars and members of the hip-hop/rap community. Our plans include organizing special sessions, holding annual business meetings, and giving an annual award to an outstanding publication in the field of music theory on hip-hop/rap music. With 2023 marking hip-hop’s fiftieth birthday, the HHRIG is excited to foster growth within music academia of one of the world’s most important contemporary genres.